Combining Pills to Lose More Weight - March 18th, 2011

Being overweight comes with a number of health risks of its own, and while doctors are not supposed to prescribe prescriptions to those with certain medical conditions, some believe that prescriptions (like natural products) are more effective when combined. For example, you could use green tea. But you are more likely to get better results if you combine green tea and glucomannan. But there are other reasons why some might combine prescriptions.

We Thought Fen Phen was Safer

Phentermine has always been known for its side effects. But as a stimulant, experts thought that the side effects would be counteracted by the fenfluramine, which is commonly used as a powerful anti-anxiety medication. As it turned out, these two drugs did not counteract one another’s side effects, instead multiplying them. But that didn’t stop many from trying to combine other drugs. The FDA has rejected 3 such drugs in 2010 alone.

But are there safe options? Most of us combine prescriptions because we don’t like the side effects of one or both or we don’t consider one to be effective enough on its own.

Can You Combine Prescriptions?

I would stick to the safe rule of thumb. Yes, fen phen worked. But that’s not the only reason why lawmakers won’t allow any other mixes. Mixes are dangerous. When you mix side effects with side effects, you are going to get a more dangerous product, not a safer one. And while you may get better results, you can also get better results from natural product with multiple ingredients and multiple approaches. And most natural products won’t cause the same nasty side effects.

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